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KM Hardy's Scots Honor moves at a fast pace, with many twists and turns. It's complex with quite a large number of characters and events that eventually fit together in the conclusion.


In places, it stretches the imagination and contains several amazing coincidences. Sam is a likable character despite his flaws which make him very human, and the reader is drawn to Liz who is fighting appalling odds while ready to protect her secret at all costs.


The novel has everything; a bank holdup, a pedophile, several fights, a divorce, a child falling foul of the law, previously unknown familial relationships, and drug running. One of the nice touches was Ronald, the strawberry plant who had two bad accidents but lived to flower another day.

Reviewed by Lucinda E. Clarke: Readers Favorite

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Reviews and Mentions

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A wealthy woman's death in Chicago has become a cold case, and when a team of FBI agents from Cleveland travels to Chicago to solve her murder, local law enforcement and organized crime syndicates impede their investigation, provoking deadly consequences in the thrilling murder mystery, The Redcap (A Sam McKay Novel) by K.M. Hardy. 

Intense and exciting, The Redcap (A Sam McKay Novel) by K.M. Hardy is a thrilling novel filled with twists and turns. Filled with avarice, malice, and murder, the story is an intricately woven web of intrigue and suspense. It is a well-written story with a complex plot, engaging characters, and a captivating storyline. I was captured by Sam's brogue from the first page, and the further I got into the story, the more I admired his character. The Claire aspect was intriguing and kept me guessing until the end. This is a stunning novel that is sure to delight everyone who loves a good murder mystery.

Reviewed by Susan Sewell: Readers Favorite

The Redcap is in Writers Life Magazine!

Read all about K.M. Hardy and her newest novel The Redcap on page six of Writers Life edition 26!

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